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Youtuber Pewdiepie and Marzia Welcome their First Son, Björn

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In February 2023, Felix Kjellberg, better known by his YouTube alias PewDiePie, delighted his fans by revealing the pregnancy news through a YouTube video, evoking emotional responses. He shared a heartfelt montage capturing their reaction upon discovering the positive pregnancy test results.

The collection of video clips showcased the progression of Marzia’s pregnancy, prominently featuring her growing baby bump. Additionally, PewDiePie excitedly posted a video teasing the gender of their baby, sharing the suspenseful moment with his extensive subscriber base.

As the expected delivery date drew near, the influencer decided to take a hiatus from uploading content on YouTube.

The Arrival

On July 12th, Felix and his wife Marzia, at the age of 30, shared the joyous news of their newborn’s arrival. They joyfully proclaimed the arrival of their first child through a heart-felt joint Instagram post.

Pewdiepie and Marzia with Björn
Source: Instagram

The touching photos capture the precious moments of the family of three as they lovingly pose with their adorable bundle of joy, affectionately named Björn. This beautiful announcement heralds the beginning of a remarkable journey for their growing family.

“11/07/2023 Welcome to the family, little Björn 🐻 ❤️,” said the caption.

The Congratulations!

The YouTuber’s fans and friends showered the couple with heartfelt congratulations upon the arrival of their precious bundle of joy. One fan expressed their joy by saying, “They actually made a little human.”

Pewdiepie, Marzia and Björn
Source: Instagram

Another user shared their excitement, exclaiming, “Congratulations, Man!!!! So proud of y’all!!!! You are pure parenthood materials!!!! I’ve been watching you since 2011, it’s amazing to see that your lives are going perfectly!! I wish you the best!!!”

Pewdiepie with Björn
Source: Instagram

The comment section of the post was filled with an outpouring of happiness from many fans, with one person warmly writing, “Hearty Congratulations Marzia and Felix.”

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