YouTube’s Innovative Lock Screen Experiment for Premium Users

YouTube is presently conducting tests on a novel functionality that empowers users to lock their screens, preventing inadvertent button taps and potential disruptions to the ongoing video playback. The company made this experiment announcement available on its dedicated page for YouTube Experiments. For More Details Just Click.

YouTube is currently experimenting with a “Lock Screen” feature that effectively disables touch input for users watching videos in full-screen mode. This feature is more suitable for premium user. This feature provides to premium user reassurance by preventing accidental actions such as pausing, skipping, or selecting suggested videos. Users who have access to the test can easily enable the feature by tapping on the gear icon located at the top left corner of the screen.

According to Cord Cutters News, the initial source of the discovery, YouTube’s new lock feature is currently limited to a specific group of Premium subscribers using for Android and iOS devices. The feature is being offered as an exclusive trial, with users granted the opportunity to test it until July 30. To check if they have received an invitation, users can simply visit the YouTube homepage and turn on the new features.

YouTube is conducting a new experiment that bears similarities to a feature previously introduced by Netflix in 2020. Netflix’s mobile app introduced a screen lock feature, allowing subscribers to activate a lock icon located at the bottom of the screen. This feature effectively disables buttons like play and pause, preventing accidental interruptions to playback or unusual activation of subtitles. YouTube’s current experiment appears to be exploring a similar functionality, offering users a way to prevent inadvertent disruptions during video playback.

As part of its ongoing testing efforts, YouTube is currently exploring a range of experiments. One of these tests involves implementing a mechanism to mitigate the usage of ad blockers. Users may receive a warning that their video player will be blocked after watching three videos unless they disable the ad blocker.

Furthermore, reports suggest that YouTube is contemplating the addition of an online game feature. If implemented, users would have the ability to play games directly through the YouTube website or app on android and IOS , expanding the platform’s offerings beyond video content.

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